Sinus Sunday

Originally posted 2020-01-12 09:20:06.

Here it is Sunday, January 12th 2020. It’s raining, stormy, thunder and lightening (just not very very frightening, lol) … and I am T- minus 2 days until surgery.

I am on the merge of insanity because I can’t take certain medications prior to surgery. The rainy weather just makes it worse. The pressure from sinus issues and not being able to take meds for it.

I normally am the person to say, “well at least I’m living” – I mean I am still that person.

I look at the side of it that it could be worse but with the sinus pressure making my eye sight go haywire it’s extremely irritating. One eye … just one eye is the one giving me the issues. It is messing with my ability to see clearly. No matter if I put my glasses on or not.

If you have ever had sinus issues you know what I mean. So I try and try to get it to clear up.

You start trying different things to resolve the issue. My husband and I both thought of the scene from Crocodile Dundee and wondered if I added something to the water would it help, lolol

So what do you do? You just try and try again. This time with the water a bit hotter.

Well here’s to a productive Sunday, at least I hope it is productive. Have a good one y’all!

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