Second post surgery update

Originally posted 2020-02-03 08:00:53.

I am almost 3 weeks post surgery! YAY!

Now I am almost halfway through the “not able to drive” stage.

I feel like a hobbit, lol. I did go with my husband to the grocery store yesterday just so I could get out of the house some.

My doctor’s office called Friday to check up on me.

I have constant pain throughout my body so not feeling pain is kind of weird. I have been feeling pain and intermittent numbness from my low back all the way down the back of my leg and the bottom of my foot.

I went from feeling the numbness and pain down the back of my leg and foot to now feeling the numbness on the top of my foot. I have had some improvement since the surgery though.

Just felt weird feeling it go from the bottom of my foot to the top.

My surgeons’s assistant that called said it is more than likely it is my nerves healing but… she wasn’t 100 percent sure as she didn’t have my file in front of her to know exactly what the surgeon did. Plus, I would think she probably didn’t know enough to tell me it was this or that since she is an office assistant not a physician’s assistant.

So once I go to the doctor again we can hopefully find out more.

It is also likely that it is related to the ”abnormal” movement the surgeon noticed during surgery. I just hope this isn’t a bad thing and can be easily addressed.

Outside of that everything is pretty much the same. I am trying to increase my walking as much as possible.

I will be glad when I get cleared to continue my massages with my massage therapist.

I will probably have to restart physical therapy too. We will see!

For now this is halfway over! Fingers crossed the next half goes about the same.

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