Week #1

Well we have survived week one.

Not without mishaps I might add but a successful week nonetheless.

Chewy just wants to stay outside for a little while but he can’t lol.

Since it is a comfortable temperature as of this post I decided to crack open the windows and let him feel like he is somewhat outside.

Chewy’s leg is starting to look a little better as far as the swelling is concerned.

I tried to take a picture but he wasn’t cooperating šŸ¤£

Plus to let some fresh air go through the house isn’t a bad thing either.

Dusty somehow broke the doorknob to his bathroom yesterday.

Not entirely sure how he did that but it is what it is.

There is no middle ground with him. It is either full force or not enough.

I guess the doorknob was one of those full force things.

So fingers crossed to a successful week number two.

Chewy gets his stitches out on May 8th


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