Scar Tissue

Originally posted 2020-11-16 09:00:17.

Since I haven’t been able to get an appointment with my favorite massage therapist since the beginning of 2020 I had to find something to help.

I won this Wonder Maxi massage gun in one of Adoption First Animal Rescue’s fundraising raffles.

I started working on areas that never seem to get enough time.

My midsection, my stomach.

I have had so many surgeries and alot of them have been in my midsection.

One for instance one was my spinal fusion. They cut me open in the front and cut me open in the back in order to fix my spine when I broke it.

I have what I like to call a kangaroo pouch as a result of my fusion (and other surgeries leading up to it).

There is alot of scar tissue built up in my midsection.

I had personal trainer tell me once that it seems the surgeons didn’t put me back together correctly lol.

In the middle of my midsection (going vertically) it’s hard. My physical therapist said it’s like they bunched up my muscles right there.

It’s weird because my stomach sticks out further in the middle as a result.

So… I have been trying to work on my midsection with this tool.

So far all I have noticed is alot of bruising but I even got bruises when my massage therapist did it.

Have you had to do something similar? Any pointers or suggestions?

Do you have a deep tissue massage gun?

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