Never have I ever

Yesterday the anesthesia nurse for my upcoming surgery called for the pre-surgery instructions.

Nothing out of the ordinary until she started telling me what medications I needed to stop and ones I could continue taking.

My diabetes medication is normally not taken the morning of the surgery. Pretty normal.

But she also said not to take it the day before as well. Now this was new to me.

My diabetes is controlled so it shouldn’t be an issue but I have never had them tell me not to take it the day before too.

I can still take my naproxen and baby aspirin.

Still take my pain medications.

Was told to stop my probiotics, COQ10, krill oil, brain supplement, and multivitamin.

Hell, she even said I could take my muscle relaxer the morning of the surgery too.

But for them to tell me I could continue taking my naproxen and aspirin threw me off.

In all my surgeries I have never had anyone tell me that I could continue taking them.

My shot ( Ozempic ), I was also told not to take but I take it at night anyway and I wouldn’t take it until Wednesday evening so it won’t matter.

My surgery is on a Wednesday and I can just take it when I get home that night.

Fingers crossed that I don’t have to stay overnight.

This is supposed to an outpatient surgery so fingers crossed it stays that way.

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