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Originally posted 2020-02-06 08:00:00.

Yeah, this could have turned out so different lol.

I get up yesterday morning like any other morning. The exception, the dogs groomer would be here in a few minutes. I go outside to move my car and pull it behind my truck. The groomers mobile vehicle isn’t a small vehicle so I wanted to give her the room in the driveway.

Since my husband didn’t get home from work until almost 1 am I didn’t want to wake him up and figured I would be good to just move it a few feet. Well… πŸ˜’

Keep in mind I had back surgery 3 weeks ago. The surgeon said no driving for 4 weeks. In my defense I felt like I was ok to move it a few feet while in my yard. I got in the car, started it, everything was normal… I start backing it up and then start going forward pulling up behind the truck. Then I needed to step on the brake as I got close enough to the back of the truck. Oh shit… here is where I find out different.

My nerves, muscles whatever it is that I needed to have when I pushed the brake wasn’t there quick enough. I got a little too close to the truck by the time the car stopped. Damn it!

I honestly thought I had pressed on the brake good enough to have the car stop but I guess I was wrong. What is weird is that is on the other foot than the one I have been having issues with lately.

Let’s hope this isn’t an indicator of anything more and just a symptom of my nerves healing from surgery because that would SO SUCK!

After grooming was done I told my husband I needed to move it back, lol – Nope… he wasn’t even letting me get close to the drivers seat lol, much less the key 🀣 – He has his own keys to the car yet still took mine. Turd… 🀣

My 4 week mark is next week but now I am wondering if I will even be ready then. I go back for my follow up at my 6 week mark.

I know next time just to maybe wake my husband up and get him to move the car. Good thing is nothing was damaged as I didn’t actually hit the truck but came within a couple inches of it.

There was a car sitting at the stop sign at the end of the street that I know saw it happen and was probably like wtf chic can you drive lol. They probably think I can’t lol 🀣🀣🀣

Lesson learned. πŸ˜‰

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