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Originally posted 2022-01-27 07:30:29.

I had my tear duct bypass surgery on January 11th.

Everything went fine.

I go to my follow up appointment this week and everything was going ok, or so I thought.

I made sure to ask if I could take a normal shower and blow my nose.

I haven’t been able to get water on the left side of my face nor blow my nose since surgery.

The doc said I could now do both.

I made sure to ask if I could do one of those “grandpa blows”. You know the ones where your trying to blow parts of your brain through your nose? Lol.

Yeah, one of those.

They said I could.

I get home, go into bathroom and try, ONCE!

Just one time trying to blow my nose since surgery.

Well… I ended up looking like “Ivan Drago whooped my ass” according to my husband. 🤣 That’s out of Rocky 4.

I immediately called the emergency number at my surgeon’s office.

I explain to the nurse what had happened to the best of my ability.

Unfortunately they thought it was swelling from surgery.

The nurse I spoke with obviously didn’t see me just a couple of hours ago when I had my follow-up appointment.

All of my swelling from my tear duct bypass surgery had gone at this point. There was no puffiness whatsoever. I only had some bruising on and around my stitches and in the corner of my eye.

I still had a small shiner though lol.

Somehow inflating my sinuses after blowing my nose was unheard of.

They kept thinking it was fluid but it wasn’t. Once they looked at my pictures they then realized it was in fact air.

I was instructed to alternate cold, warm, hot compresses. To gently try and massage it. To use the face mask they gave me after surgery. This mask has small little beads in it and I wore it at night in order to prevent me from messing with my eye while sleeping.

Fast forward a few days… it still has air trapped in there just not quite as much as day one.

As of yesterday morning I feel pain in my face, both upper and lower teeth as well as the left side of my face and jaw. Pretty much the entire left side of my face and head.

It almost feels like it does when I have a sinus infection.

I have another appointment with the surgeon this morning to see what happened and how to fix this.

I truly hope this doc has a way to fix this.

I know they had to drill a hole in my nose in order to bypass my tear duct so it makes me wonder if that hole hadn’t closed up good enough. Then when I blew my nose it was just enough to push that hole through and allowed air into my sinus cavity.

I’ll update after my appointment. Hopefully he doesn’t need to do an additional surgery in order to fix this but we will see.

Just in case my bff is my driver 😉.

Fingers crossed 🤞🤞


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