How the hell did I do that?

Originally posted 2021-10-06 19:46:51.

Yesterday morning I woke up in extreme pain.

The pain was in the right part of my upper back that seemed to radiate thru to the front of my chest. It also went all the way down my arm into my fingers.

I couldn’t lay down and get comfortable. The pain seemed to increase in intensity after 30 to 60 seconds.

I tried to describe it to my husband as well as my doctor.

It felt like someone was using a torque wrench, twisting harder and harder.

I would pace and walk in circles try to handle the pain.

I took aspirin to be on the safe side. We had a pain management appointment that morning anyway so it would have been pointless to try and make an appointment somewhere for it.

The doctor looked at it and told me it was swollen.

Like WTF?! What the hell did I do in my sleep?

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My husband mentioned comedian’s talking about when you are getting older folks break things in their sleep and don’t know how. Is this one of those times, LOL?

The doctor gave me lidocaine patches to see if that gives me some relief but so far a big fat NO.

Anyone ever done something like this?

I just know whatever this is it hurts like a BITCH!

My muscles are spasming on top of being constantly tight.

She gave me a muscle relaxer too.

My doctor told me if it doesn’t get better then to come in Friday morning and she’ll do a trigger point injection into the muscle.

It makes doing things difficult LOL.

The muscle relaxer just makes me sleepy and does ease the muscles a little but not enough where it would stop the spasms.

I have my massage appointment on Friday too. I know this appointment will hurt like a mf’r. But maybe it will get the muscles to stop.

I still haven’t let y’all know about my experience with the ketamine infusion. I will post it in a few days.

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