Hell No?

This was a draft post from several years ago…

There are some things I am struggling with and don’t know how to handle it.

My children’s biological father, aka “sperm donor”, has other children. He has 3 other daughters by two othe women. The youngest two daughters have been trying to have a relationship with my kids (well all 3 have but lately it has been more the 2 youngest)

For Dusty, being around them is a NO. A over my dead body, hell to the no, fuck no, I mean how many ways could I possibly say it? – ifreann fucking uimhfucking non inferosverdammt neinlanfè mèrdik pa gen okenno inferno puta non

Now don’t get me wrong, it isn’t their fault. It is the fault of their father’s and family. My daughter has such a good heart that she has given in and to my knowledge started spending time with them.

This is killing me. I had to unfriend my daughter from social media after I saw a picture of her with the youngest two daughters on Thanksgiving.

I feel as if the daughters are going to be used or the relationship with my daughter exploited. My daughter has NEVER missed a Thanksgiving or Christmas with Dusty. After this past Thanksgiving you could see how it got to my son.

He doesn’t understand.

It pains me to see him hurt because of this. I have warned my daughter and tried to explain why I feel the way I feel. I can’t stop her from building a relationship with them but will not allow him to go with her anywhere knowing she is around them.

She sent me a friend request on facebook and then asked why I haven’t accepted it. For my own sanity I haven’t accepted it. I don’t want them knowing anything about him at all.

I am so confused and honestly am not sure if I am doing more harm than good. All I want to do is protect my children. I know I can’t do it like that where my daughter is concerned.

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