Have you and your spouse/partner tried the 30 day challenge?

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[sce emoji=”heart”/]”Working with women and couples for the last 4 years, I became increasingly aware of the struggles relationships were enduring as the ways of the world are changing.  Everything is so instant and we are always looking for a faster, better way for everything we do. Because of this, it’s starting to hinder the level of intimacy in some personal relationships.

I found it to be my passion to help couples take one month every year and make themselves a priority.

Yes, sex is intimacy, but intimacy does not always equal sex. During the 30 days there are options presented to help the couples bond and open the lines of communication”



  • Watch this video! It takes 5 minutes. Feel free to share with your partner…
  • Then each of you make a separate list of what you want from sex and Intimacy from each other, on paper & exchange, talk about what’s on your lists. Also- set a goal of what you expect to get out of this challenge together. It’s helpful to write down and post somewhere that you can everyday.


  • Did you make your list? Not so bad, huh?
  • Spend 3 minutes taking selfies together! Pick your favorite one and post on your profile with the caption: We are working on “Us”!

*Distance Tip: Use technology to FaceTime or video chat and screen shot photos!


  • Find a few minutes to just sit and hold hands today.

*Distance Tip: I’m sure your longing to touch each other, so try holding on to something of your partners if you have it for a few moments and just reflect on your love for them.


  • Check out this article and share with your partner. Are you getting these health benefits? Which ones are you hoping to start taking advantage of?…/


  • This is something you can do together or alone. If you do it together, hold hands!
  • Stand in front of the mirror naked. Tell yourself you are beautiful or handsome, you are strong and compliment yourself on something you like on your body. If you’re with your partner, tell them what you like about their body!  Seriously, do it!

*Distance Tip: this is another great one to do over Facetime or video chat.


  • For today, turn off all technology for an agreed amount of time. No, tv, no phones, nothing. Just be with each other.

*Distance Tip: Use the medium of technology that works best for you two, but still block everything else out.


  • What are some of your favorite ways you’ve been intimate so far this week? It doesn’t have to be anything that’s from the challenge.


  • The start of week 2!
  • Set a 3 minute timer, and start kiss passionately![sce emoji=”kiss”/][sce emoji=”kiss”/]
  • It’s ok if you go over the alarm 😉            [sce emoji=”kiss”/][sce emoji=”kiss”/][sce emoji=”kiss”/]


  • This is something you can do together or along, together or apart!


  • Have you noticed any changes the last few days since both of you are making conscious efforts to focus on each other at some point throughout the day?
  • Make sure to take the time to express to your partner what you’re noticing and like!




  • Now that we know our love languages…. Are you looking for more ways to express your partners language?
    Check the chart out posted below.


  • What’s something you can think of to try out today? It doesn’t have to be straight from the chart.


Today is a day to talk about sex. (I know it’s a little late, so sorry!)
Come up with a few ways to finish the phrases “I like it when you….” “I like it when we….”

Feel free to test a few of these statements out with each other!


Couples massage.

Massage is a great way to continue to learn how each other’s bodies are constantly changing.
Take time rubbing and massaging different parts of each other’s bodies & give signals when something feels better than another.

Check out some massage products on my website, I carry them all in stock.


How about now? Have you notice anything “little” changing?

Shoot a text message to you partner thanking them for effort & participation in this challenge over the last 2 weeks.

If you haven’t been able to do a lot of the challenges- no biggie! Try one from the last two weeks today!


Time to Spoon! Yes, cuddle.

It can lead to forking if you prefer, but take ten minutes out of the day to just lay closely and hold one another.

*Distance tip: Use your words. Let your partner know what you miss about their touch.


There’s plenty of time life to get a big O in!

This orgasm you can do alone or together, but try to make the journey there drag out. When you are almost climaxed, start thinking about how exactly you feel and let it linger before giving in.


Guilty Pleasures.
We ALL have them.
Whether it be an expensive coffee, a tv show, chocolate, or something totally different, I wanna hear some of yours, AFTER you’ve spoken to your partner about what some of theirs are!



Take a shower together! Don’t forget the silicone lubricant!


*Distance tip: video chat & watch the other person shower.



Spend 3 minutes taking selfies together! Pick your favorite one and post on your profile.

[sce emoji=”selfie”/]


So, it’s been 3 weeks. How are you feeling about this challenge? Are you guys still trying some of the challenges?


Another article to check out:…/five-reasons-you-should-h_b…?

Share with your partner and discuss what you agree or disagree with.


Okay it’s time to give some power away.
Ask your partner to pick a previous challenge to do today! [sce emoji=”blush”/]


Today is about you. Reflect on how different parts of the challenge make you feel. Treat yourself to a guilty pleasure![sce emoji=”evilgrin”/]


5 things day! Tell your partner 5 things you love about them! And vice versa! [sce emoji=”inlove”/]

Did anything they say about you surprise you? [sce emoji=”surprised”/]


Sit and make a list of your favorite memories spent together. Let the reminiscing take over![sce emoji=”talk”/]

*Distance Tip: Easy! Use the phone or video chat!


[sce emoji=”hug”/]Embrace. Hug. Stand and just hold each other, even just for a moment. Enjoy the warmth and presence of being close.[sce emoji=”smile”/]


[sce emoji=”heart”/]Short and sweet. A fun read to reinforce choosing each other daily.…/…


[sce emoji=”inlove”/]The challenge is almost over!
Find a few minutes to reflect on the past month, hold hands, & cuddle!

Really be proud of yourselves for attempting this challenge! [sce emoji=”fistbump”/]


Write a letter to each other and talk about what you enjoyed over the last month and what you hope to continue to keep doing in the future.


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