Flashback Friday 

Originally posted 2018-03-10 12:22:52.

This was in August of 2013 after my son had surgery on his face,jaw,etc…

This was my mom and my stepfather walking with him down the hallway at UNC hospital in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

My momma was always, and I stress always lol spoiling him. But I guess that’s what grandmother’s do.

I remember my grandmother, my mom’s mom, fussing at my mom because she wouldn’t let me have anymore food. I was a chunky butt when I was younger. I believe I got it naturally lol. Well at least from my dad’s side. My momma’s petite like her momma.

Anyway Ma, as I called her, yelled at my momma saying, “Melinda Ann let that girl have some more food!” It was turkey if I remember correctly but you know me by know that may indeed be questionable .

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