3 Days

Fun times…

I have body jewelry the next 3 days.

At this point the doc is blaming it on Covid.

I saw the cardiology doc this morning for first appointment.

They did the normal EKG etc. My heart rate was high but we already knew it was running higher prior to this appointment.

Now, I have scheduled 2 more testing appointments for the heart on top of this device below.

The thing on my chest will monitor my heart for next 3 days.

After 3rd day I take it off, put in the book and then place in the box. Box is already pre-marked and postage paid.

It goes to a company who reads the data and then that is relayed back to my cardiologist.

When did they start doing these things?

I didn’t know they even had this technology.

Here’s what it does…

So that also means no red light therapy. Which I had one today and had to cancel it.

But the medspa I go to – THEY ARE AWESOME and understood completely. In fact the person I spoke with, Jen, an RN, told me to hold off on doing red light until it’s off.

In the meantime I can still do my facial I have an appointment for this weekend. 😉

I have been wanting to see how facials work. Never had one.

I am trying dermaplaning facial. Since I can’t get rid of the really fine hairs on my face via laser hair removal this was an alternative.

Have a great week!

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