Almost that time of year

Originally posted 2018-03-10 06:19:05.


It’s March 10th here in eastern North Carolina and mother nature has lost her estrogen medication. 😉

Nonetheless spring is around the corner and my garden needs to be prepared to blossom. I’ve had composters in the past. One even my husband tried to make but none seemed to seal the deal for me.

But, I have all these coffee grounds, expired coffee beans and used kcups from using my new keurig coffee maker. I don’t want to keep tossing these kcups in the recycle bin hoping they are able to do something with them as I haven’t.

So, with that said I went “window shopping” online and found a few I am considering. I am hoping some of you may be able to help me sway one way or another.

Here are my chosen few…

Yimby Tumbler




Spin Bin Barrel Style Tumbler Compost Bin



**UPDATE** I decided to purchase this one, will let you know how I like it. The Cutest Composter in the World, Made in the USA, Food Safe, BPA and Rust Free, No Assembly Required, Envirocycle Mini Composting Tumbler Bin and Compost Tea Maker



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