When you adjust to fit your needs

Originally posted 2018-03-02 13:06:41.

As much as I love my wedding rings I don’t wear them that often. Why, you may ask? Well, it’s like this… I lost weight to swelling of the hands, feet and fingers. Then when I don’t have the swelling my rings literally fall off my fingers. There have been a couple of times I have almost lost them because they fell off my fingers.

Now my husband… He hasn’t been able to wear his ring for a few years either. He can’t get his ring sized because the type of ring and since he injured himself while in the Marine Corps he has gained some weight. Then his job. He can’t wear it due to the equipment used because it would get caught on something or another. He just hasn’t worn it.

One day I ran across these silicone rings. They were advertising them as wedding rings. At first I didn’t really see “wedding” in these.
I just disregarded them. Thought we will just keep wearing our rings – or not- like we have been until we find something else.

Time passed and I kept seeing them. They came out with different designs, colors, and variations to suit the different likes and dislikes of their customers. So I thought I would at least try them if I could get my husband to wear it. For me it was more along the keep it feminine side. I mean, I am kind of tomboy at heart but there is a feminine side to me…somewhere…may be a very small part but it is there.

As I have gotten older the simpler the better. I have found myself purging our lives -so to speak. There are things I feel like we just do not need anymore. Now, I do have a side to me that is borderline hoarding. But that I feel is out of experiences in my past feeling the need to somehow compensate and have that rainy day inventory, or just in case inventory.

Then there is the saving money side of it. So… you see I am a mix of the good and the bad but aren’t we all?

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