Wait, I’m not prepared

Originally posted 2018-02-16 21:23:51.

My husband started his physical therapy this week. It is for the shoulder injury he sustained while he was deployed several years ago. While the therapist was doing his consult he mentioned dry needling. I have heard of it but wasn’t really sure what it entailed. Surprisingly my husband agreed to try it. – he’s such a baby when it comes to stuff like this, lol.

It’s funny considering all the shots they would get while active duty.  One of the nurses made sure to let the therapist know he was “a baby”. She assisted the doctor last week when they gave my husband a steroid injection in his shoulder and picked on him because he said “wait, they are doing it today? I replied, yes. Then he says, “I’m not prepared” LOL   He has a small tear of the rotator cuff and a couple of other things. It could be treated by way of physical therapy and pain management. If that doesn’t work then surgery would be recommended.





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