Unsolicited Comfort

With all the shit currently going I have tried a plethora of things to try and reduce stress.

I could take meds but I don’t need to be zonked out and then not being able to keep an eye on Dusty.

From pain to anxiety… I know it’s not the end of the world but it’s just stress.

I want a hug and to be able to speak to my momma but I know I can’t. I talk to her urn.

When I saw these sweats and they claimed to help with stress I honestly thought it was a “claim” and a gimmick.

So black friday came. I took the opportunity to purchase a set of the sweats while they were on sale.

Hoping that they are at least comfortable.

I got them yesterday and damn… they feel like a hug. Well the sweatshirt did. I haven’t had on both of them yet.

The shirt is like standing in front of the fireplace feeling the warm glow in the depths of your soul.

Ughhh like for real. Now I wish they had a plethora of colors because I would legit get a set for each day of the week.

I like the quality of the material too.

I am going to get Dusty a set and see how it does him. I don’t know if it would do anything for his adhd and autism but it is worth a try.

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