Too many cut short

Man o Man this weekend was absolutely crazy.

Originally I was supposed to attend a vendor event on Sunday (doing my Pure Romance stuff)

But some almost tropical like weather was coming from the south and it was forecasted to hit on Sunday.

So the organizers changed it to Saturday.

We knew that everything advertised up to that point showed Sunday but I know had we all even been there no one would likely have come out. Much less would or tents stayed on the ground.

It was supposed to go from 11am til 4pm.

It was slow traffic wise but we knew that was a possibility.

Well here comes one of the volunteers after 1pm telling everyone that we had to shut everything down.

One of the businesses complained and well they called the cops and then all had to pick up our stuff and go.

No fault on the event coordinators parts it was out of there control.

Meanwhile my bff’s husband went to my daughter’s former residence to get there other vehicles since they moved.

I had given him the key I had to one of the vehicles.

After we had gotten back home my bff gets a message that the cops were called on him (8 cops in total), he was detained, and after a bunch of back and forth, calling my daughter, calling her mother in law, he was finally let go.

I am not sure if the person that called the cops were just looking out for folks or not but he did have the keys lol.

Needless to say seeing that many in a days time left us kind of jaded LMAO.

I know they were all just doing their jobs so no worries but sometimes it’s just too much.

He managed to get one of the vehicles towed back here and has to go get the other one.

We will check them out and get them road ready so when they come back up they can just drive them back home, safely.

Well.. I ain’t doing it, it will more than likely be my husband and my bff’s husband lol.

He transports and works on vehicles anyway so nothing out of his wheelhouse.

All I can say is it probably would have wrecked my nerves had I been there lol.

But then again he knows too well and would not have taken me with him 😉

We have that brother sister type love for each other but I know I get on his nerves LMAO

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