Tired for a reason?

Why the hell am I ALWAYS TIRED!

Like seriously… I wake up tired…

I am consistently tired throughout the day no matter what I do.

Now, I did go get some blood work done and my iron storing ability is zilch… like almost non existent.

So for now I am taking iron supplements but have to watch it because since I take pain meds the risk off over constipation is there. I say “over” because I deal with it already since I take them daily.

Primary doc is sending me back to the hematologist and well just gotta wait that out.

In the meantime I lead my life with minimal existence lol.

I don’t even have the energy to eat anymore.

I mean food looks good and all but it is like it takes too much energy to f’n chew and swallow.

Yet the scale seems to have no problem moving in a forward direction…traitor…

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