This is ridiculous.

Less than 2 yrs ago we were paying around 40 bucks for this.

We just came from the the our local farm/feed store and the prices have ballooned tremendously!!!

Then we were told they have been trying to purchase more but have been unable to.

What The Fuck!

Not to mention my daughter calls me yesterday to ask us to look for our grandbaby’s formula because she hasn’t been able to find any.

So I start looking for some. I was about to find some online but they limited the amount I could purchase.

I was able to purchase a little over a weeks worth of formula for her and had to have it shipped to her.

So now I will do it again in a day or so just to make sure she has enough to last her at least a month.

This is ridiculous. My second grandbaby is only two months old so it’s not like she can eat regular food.

My daughter can’t breastfeed her because of issues.

What are folks supposed to do when they run out. My daughter has had to use different kinds of formula because it was the only one they could find. It made her gassy but what else could she do?

I know we aren’t the only ones and that is just sad because there are others that don’t have the ability to call her parents to get them to send her some. Others just don’t have person in their lives.

What in the world is going on????

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