The Iron-e

Life isn’t fun without something always shaking it up LOL.

I have been so tired lately and we couldn’t figure out why exactly.

I kind of chalked it up to menopause.

Supplements after supplements nothing seemed to work.

Well I had gone to my primary doc for some bloodwork.

My doc and I had both forgotten why exactly we started this but she went back and looked and saw I had dizziness and unexplained nose bleeding.

My iron was on the higher side but the protein that stores your iron was extremely low.

So for now she said to take one iron pill a day. The problem with me taking iron pills is they can cause constipation.

Constipation is something I do not need anymore of.

I mean my last surgery was partly due to constipation and I can’t afford anymore of it.

So for now we are watching it very closely.

In the meantime I am being sent back to the hematologist to further investigate why my body is doing this and hopefully get some answers. Plus she is hoping they will go ahead and start iron infusions.

It’s weird because I have never had issues with my iron.

I don’t have a period so it’s not like that could be partly to blame.

I haven’t changed my diet so all of this is just kinda weird.

I just want to be able to stay awake for at least half the day and not feel like I haven’t slept at all even when I have just rolled out of the bed.

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