Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Originally posted 2018-01-18 16:16:41.

During my last pain management appointment I noticed a brochure that I hadn’t seen before.

I grabbed it to read over mainly just to pass time while waiting for the doc to come in.

My understanding of just what it entails is minimal at this point but it had me curious to find out more.

So, at checkout, I asked what the cost was for me to find out if I was a candidate. She stated the normal co-pay to see the doctor.

I decided to set up an appointment with the doctor for an initial consultation to see if I am a candidate for the therapy.

I do have degenerative disc disease and arthritic joints amoung other things that may classify but do not know for sure.

My right ankle has become a problem lately and they have had to give me some seriously painful injections in the joint every few months. I almost kicked the doctor in the face in the process, lol.

Now, my questions may be more, “Am I NOT a candidate because I am a diabetic” or because of my other health issues on top of the normal questions.

As I understandit, it is a relatively new therapy but has had some promising results.

In hopes to reduce the severity and frequency of pain,spikes in pain when I have taken medicine,and other symptoms associated with the DDD and/or arthritic joints. There are days that they can leave me being able to manage with the pain to days that nothing has helped. BUT, because I have other issues that go along with it I am not sure if it is strickly one thing or the other. Or perhaps a combination of them all.

Being that I am unable to undergo another surgery due to the damage in and around my spinal fusion/caging – I at least want to see if this could help at all. I am stuck with pain management because the risks of paralysis is extremly high if not a likely end result.

I will let you all know more of what I find out tomorrow.

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