Narrow Escape

Originally posted 2021-08-27 17:30:00.

This morning was unlike any morning in recent memory.

I get up when Bowie “crows” at the morning sun. It truly seems he thinks he is part rooster because he makes a noise in the morning one might think similar to a rooster crow.

Guess he can identify as a rooster but we all know he’s still a dog.

I had a Walmart grocery pickup order scheduled and I had planned on going to our pharmacy to pick up medications.

Picked up Walmart order, uneventful.

Headed to pharmacy.

Traffic wasn’t that bad because base morning rush traffic had already gone.

I passed a dump truck that was loaded and their contents were throwing dust in the air and I didn’t want anything to hit my car.

Everything was all good.

I was on a two lane highway (5 lanes total) so nothing out of the ordinary.

A few minutes after I see some construction signs and they were diverting traffic down to one lane.

We merge into one lane and…

All of a sudden someone several cars ahead seemed to have stopped in the middle of the road.

This caused a chain reaction of people slamming on brakes.

I wasn’t that close to the car in front of me but we were going 45+ so…

I slammed on my brakes hard as I could.

My car is screaming at me (the collision alert system) to stop, which I was trying.

I had to go over to my left a little in order not to hit the car in front of me. I couldn’t go to the right because they had the lane blocked off for construction.

Now… all I see is that loaded dumptruck barreling behind me, trying to stop himself.

There was a narrow spot he used to avoid hitting me and not shoving me well into the traffic ahead.

My car, still screaming at me as the dumptruck driver and I had to stop and collect ourselves before continuing up the road.


As I started up the road I kept trying to call my husband. He was asleep when I left as he worked last night.

I tried and tried again. His ringer was off.

I realized my dashcam was there so I unplugged it in hopes that it had recorded what happened.

After I got to the pharmacy I sat there, in the car as I trying to gather myself.

I text him in hopes that his phone wasn’t completely silent.

NOPE, he didn’t hear that either.

Then I thought about the camera in the bedroom.

I opened up the app, pushed the talked button and yelled my husband’s name numerous times.

I see him move as he was trying to figure out where I was. He told me he didn’t know where that was coming from.

He finally calls me back!

I think at this moment what had happened finally hit me.

I burst into tears.

Several items from my Walmart grocery order had been thrown into the back of my seat. A bottle of Tide detergent and Listerine mouthwash. The cases of water were tossed around the back too. Thankfully they didn’t get thrown forward as well.

I sat there for a few minutes then went into the pharmacy to get our medications.

Then, reluctantly, I start heading home.

I finally get home. At this point my left leg and foot are killing me.

I don’t know if it had anything to do with the epidural procedure I had on Tuesday or not but my foot keeps going numb.

My husband starts unloading the car and then gets the dashcam.

We load the sd card into the computer and for some reason it didn’t catch it.

It seems like it’s being selective on it’s recordings and not just recording everything as it was set up to do.

My husband finds a small clip afterwards and he said it looked like I wasn’t even going the speed limit šŸ¤£.

In the clip I was crying and yelling “fuck what just happened.”

By the end of the clip is where I realized the dashcam was there and unplugged it.

I wish I had looked at the name on the door of the dumptruck because I would have liked to thank him.

That was a very, very close call!

I couldn’t find a meme that truly spoke to what just happened but this was close enough.

After I was home for a bit it truly hit me and I felt exhausted.

My husband said, “take a nap you’ve had enough trauma for one day.”

Now with my dashcam not doing what it’s supposed to do I am in search of a new one. The one we have is a few years old so it’s probably due for an upgrade.

I want one that has both rear and front facing cameras. If you have any suggestions I’m all ears.

Thanks for being my ears.

Have a good weekend.

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