My middle name is UTI

I have reached the 4 week post op mark from the latest surgery.

I go to my follow-up appointment an hour and some change away.

This time my bff goes with me.

I wanted to stop by Pottery Barn after the appointment to look at a recliner.

Anyway… I’m at the appointment. They were pretty busy, backed up from one of their employees being absent due to her mom passing away. So I was seen by the surgeons NP.

I had never seen her before but I felt comfortable she knew what she was doing.

She does the vaginal exam, checking the extensive amount of stitches. I find out there were that many stitches on top and bottom in there.

I had already had to call and get some antibiotics for what I felt was a UTI since surgery.

Already took those. But didn’t feel like it had totally taken care of it.

The NP told me I was really susceptible to getting UTI’s. I told her there was a urologist I had seen years ago who did my first bladder sling that told me I had internal cystitis. The doc agreed it was extremely possible that I had this but needed to rule out any infections.

She checked all areas and said everything was still in the healing process and I needed to keep applying the bacitracin ointment to help further prevent any cellulitis on the exterior of my nether regions.

Due to my increased risk of infections I had to give a urine sample. But here was the tricky part, as least it was kinda tricky for me. I had to start to pee but then midstream I had to try and catch the pee in the pee cup. Needless to say that went all over my damn hand.

Before I even got out the office door to leave she stopped me and told me I had an infections… ughhh.

I seem to get the dang infections so frequently I keep Azo in my purse.

I don’t know what it is with my bladder but this crap gets on my last nerve.

I can’t drink a soda without my bladder seeming to protest.

So I haven’t had one in months. Hell may be more like a year.

All I drink anymore is water and coffee. More water than coffee but there are times when I want more coffee than water lol.

The doc wanted me to get a supplement called D-Mannose.

It is supposed to inhibit growth of bacteria to help prevent UTI’s.

I ordered it just haven’t received it yet.


They have now sent my pee off to culture it to further figure out what bacteria it is.

That way they can make sure they are giving me the right meds to attack it.

For now just gotta do the same thing I have been doing the past 4 weeks…

I miss my grandbabies but I can’t lift them right now and I know if I were to see them I can’t not pick them up, lol.

Off to do some housework…

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