My disdain was clear

Originally posted 2019-06-29 08:25:14.

So I go see an allergist this week. I had an allergy test done several, several years ago but my pcm felt an updated one was in order.

Previous results showed I was allergic to dust mites and roach feces. I went to the same doctor’s office as the previous appointment.

I expected him to do an updated test. I believe the old test results may have been archived because he didn’t mention my previous test results.

He asked what I had been dealing with and if I had rash, itching, etc.

I explained when I would hit something like dust I had an itch I couldn’t scratch.

Like an inner itch.

He asked me if I broke out in a rash, I told him, no just an inner itch that no matter what I did it didn’t resolve it.

I explained I took an allergy pill (daily) benadryl ( when I had that inner itch) and flonase.

His response after asking me AGAIN if I broke out in a rash, “Do I have mental health issues?” Then tries to say, Oh I believe you.

I was trying to keep my disapproval off my face, not sure how well that worked.

I was sent for a blood test as he said this was more accurate than the normal test they do.

I told my pcm and she asked if I wanted just to see someone else, I told her let’s wait til the blood results come back. I want to see what the results show.

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