Originally posted 2020-02-08 08:00:00.

As you may know we have 4 dogs. Max is the oldest at approximately 13 yrs old.

The other day when they had their grooming appointment he had a little moment similar to folks who have dementia. He has been around the groomer for a while now and is comfortable with her but this day, at this time, he just wasn’t comfortable with anyone.

So I get a call on my cell phone and it was the groomer. She was calling me from the vehicle. She was telling me that Max was having ”a moment” and I told her I would come outside.

I get out there and he wasn’t comfortable with either one of us at that moment. We had to end up putting a muzzle on him in order for her to finish grooming him.

Even after muzzling him he still was giving us a fit. So I stayed with him for a little to try and calm him down. I had to hold him in order for her to trim his nails, lol.

By the time I went back in the house he was back to his normal self and loving the attention she was giving him.

It seems he has been on the decline since we had to put Charlie down almost a year ago now. She was the alpha dog in the pack. Chewy tries to be the alpha but when Soairse came along she is trying to. Max and Chewy seem to argue on who is going to bark at who walking down the sidewalk, lol.

I love my dogs but hate that they live such short lives. Don’t I wish they could be with us forever.

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