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Originally posted 2022-08-01 12:48:44.

Hey ya’ll I could use some prayers. A friend of mine, that I have known her and her family for 20 plus years.

Her momma has had 2 strokes in less than two weeks and declining rapidly. She’s an only child and her sole decision maker in her health and wellness. She has only spoken to me as she is struggling with telling anyone else. She is hoping that she just passes without anymore pain and suffering.

My friend’s husband also needs a kidney and is on a waiting list for a donor. The weird thing is that her momma’s kidneys are in perfect condition, which is extremely weird given her health this past couple of years. She’s had uncontrollable diabetes, been on a ventilator three times and her momma is just tired.

If her husband doesn’t get a kidney he could start declining as well. She has wondered if her momma’s kidneys are a match to her husband. There is no reason for her momma’s kidneys to be in perfect condition…NONE.

They should have some negative levels but they don’t.

Now I know God works in mysterious ways and does things for many reasons. Her momma would willingly donate her kidneys to her son-in-law if she was in a normal state of mind. My friend is struggling with this.

She’s at a point of calling hospice but is struggling because it’s her momma but knows as a nurse and she’s worked as a hospice nurse for many years it’s inevitable. Plus her momma’s will to live just isn’t there anymore. Her momma told her before this last stroke that she didn’t want to be placed on a ventilator.

She’s septic as well.

I told her that I know her momma would approve of her getting her tested to see if she’s a match for her son-in-law.
But I know she’s struggling with this as anyone would.

But I know her momma, she’d willingly give her kidney to her son-in-law without any hesitation. He has been on a waiting list for years now.

All I can think is her momma’s kidneys are in perfect condition for a reason. Is this possibly a sign that they are this good to save her husband’s life?

She would have to ask the doctor’s to have her tested as her momma’s is barely verbal much less there enough for the hospital to take her word for it.

I’m just praying this is an easy transition but I know there is no way to know if it will be but to just pray, pray, and keep praying. I know she’s experienced death as a hospice nurse but we all know it hits different when it’s someone you are so close to.

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