It’s a tragedy just waiting to happen

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OK, so I recently saw a commercial for the at home test kit for HIV. I am sure there are some of you reading this that think its accessibility is awesome. Personally, I feel it is the next tragedy waiting to happen. My reasons? Let see….

If you read the post about my rapes you will recall the person that helped me out that had HIV. Well that same person ended up in the mental hospital because her husband gave her HIV from intravenous drug use. Granted she was playing with fire just by the drug use but her husband used it and did so with others. That is how he got it and gave it to her. She ended up losing control and the guy that was her man when I stayed with them, well she literally blew a hole in him. Literally…

How could you imagine this is a good idea to test for HIV at home? Think…possibly scenario….woman/man at home (or man/man, woman/woman really doesn’t matter). They have the home test kit. They follow the directions. Wait the instructed time for results…what if it is wrong? Gives the user a false positive reading…the tragedy that awaits is irreversible. They tested person assumes that their partner,lover,etc…. is to blame for this. They say it is no longer a death sentence. But the problem is that HIV comes with its own labels that other diseases don’t carry. They say not it is no longer a death sentence. No it may not directly lead to the limited time here on earth if the right drug therapies are administered at the right time. But what type of relationships are left to support this? It will have its own strain on them like no other. Always forced to have to think ahead. The true spontaneous play in the bedroom no more. You have to always worry about bodily fluids. If the person not HIV positive is well covered from all possibilities.

Even in 90’s there were a lot of ”what if’s” that came about living in the same household. It put a different meaning to being a germaphobe. It never really allowed me to doing things without worrying. Not that our friendship suffered because of it. We were great friends. I helped her and her boyfriend out as much as I could physically and mentally. Somehow she ended up losing all hope knowing that she would one day soon die from the disease and that changed the total outcome of the situation.

In my opinion I feel this is something that at the least should be done in a ”safe” and ”controlled yet supportive” environment. You never know the reaction to a test such as this one. What if there are children involved? What if the persons emotions get the most of them and they cannot control them? Even more so for people who have weapons in the house. Not just guns. Hell even your dullest of dull knives can do significant damage. You can’t always assume it is the gun owners that do the most damage. Just as you can’t always assume a pit bull is a ferocious man-eating animal that doesn’t belong in the neighborhood.

We are human. Humans, living creatures all react to situations differently. It doesn’t mean that  we are evil in doing so it just means we are human and in pain. For those that know pain know that you handle pain differently than the next person. Some can handle a needle and some throw up yesterdays menu. We don’t always have the luxury of thinking before we react. This isn’t by any means a direct link to having guns in the household. I in no way shape form or fashion am signing on to the loss of one’s right to personal protection. We all have our own ways of feeling like we can protect ourselves and our loved ones.

With that being said, I would like to see what your thoughts are about this HIV home test kit.

Feel free to leave a comment. I actual welcome them. Even those that live on the other side of the fence. As long as it is done so with the utmost respect to someone else’s personal opinion. Just because I may not believe in something doesn’t give me the right to say what is and isn’t fitting to the situation. Just remember, you can always learn from someone else how they deal with something. It is your choice to ultimately change your course of action.

Happy Easter to the one’s that celebrate it. May God bless you with the means to choose.Image

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