I’m trying

He fell asleep holding the collagen stick
I need to trim the hair so I can do the paw prints but he runs from me when he sees the scissors

I took his rabies tag and put it on a string for now until I decide what to do with it.

I have been taking him with us when we go somewhere that I can leave him for a second in the car to run in the store.

Yesterday I had to go to tractor supply to try and find a pot and some herb plants to deter the bugs in the garden.

They are eating up the leaves of my sweet potato, jalapeño, bell pepper and habanero plants. Looks like they are trying to go after my husband’s carolina reaper too but not as much as the others.

Then I noticed something in one of our hanging tomato plants.

A bird had made a nest and left an egg.

He was circling the area.

My husband grabbed his gloves and picked up the nest and we put it in the wooden bird feeder.

Hopefully it goes back to it but it may not.

My husband felt bad but nothing we could really do since it was in our plant.

Any suggestions?

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