I’m so tired of being tired

Originally posted 2021-10-12 07:37:20.

My arm, shoulder, and shoulder blade area is beyond killing me.

For over a week now it has been constantly spasmming (is this even a word? I don’t know at this point and don’t care).

It makes it so hard to sleep.

I normally am a side sleeper because of my sciatica and the pain of it affecting my sleep.

So I have to sleep on my right side.

Well this past week I have had to turn more than a ferris wheel.

I have used both my cbd muscle rub and my cbd massage melt. More heavy on the muscle rub because of the cooling effects.

The lidocaine patches the doc gave me ain’t doing nothing.

I’m taking my normal pain medications on top of taking the newest muscle relaxer and prednisone.

The newest muscle relaxer has helped more than the first one my pain doc put me on.

I had to go see my primary doc as an urgent care visit to try and get some relief.

She’s the one that put me on soma and the prednisone.

I am either using ice, the heating pad or my heart massager.

I honestly can’t tell which one is helping more if at all.

Hell, I almost feel like one is making the pain throb more.

Pulsating pain which every beat of my heart.

I just want to get a good night’s sleep with minimal interruptions because of f’n pain.

I can normally manage to get a semi decent night’s sleep with my neurontin and other pain meds but this has been different.

It’s like my muscles have have been on a binge at the club taking some uppers.

Damn would someone put them to sleep!


Please tell me someone else has had this issue before and you’ve found something to help.

I need some relief!

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