If I had been taught

Originally posted 2021-06-24 07:53:37.

By now if you have been following me you know I dated and had children out of my race.

No big deal right?

Well I feel like I have to say this in light of current events going around.

Now this may be just me, someone else may see it differently.

I don’t remember which post it was but I spoke about when I told my mom I was dating out of my race.

She told me she didn’t teach me to do that.

My reply to her went something like this…

“Mom, you should be proud of me. You didn’t teach me that there was a difference between us” (meaning other races and my own).

Yes, there is an obvious difference but my momma never taught me that any other race was beneath, below, above, or any other side.

I feel like if I had been taught different than that then I might not be sitting here today with 2 beautiful, intelligent, caring, bi-racial children and married to a black man. I won’t call him African-American because he says (and I quote) “I’ve never lived in Africa”.

In the end, I’m glad my momma never taught me anything else.

Ok… I’ve said my peace, relevant or not I’ve said it.

Have a nice day.

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