I did a thing yesterday

Originally posted 2021-10-26 12:23:01.

Ok, yesterday I enrolled my husband in an online college course.

Why you ask?

Because he would not have done it himself

The class is $2595.

It is for Chemical Plant Operator Course.

This is pretty much what he did in the Marine Corps.

He has applied to 3 different positions since he has been out of the Marine Corps and well he needed the certification.

Unfortunately the Marine Corps doesn’t give them certificates for this like this.

And well… the civilian sector doesn’t always take “what I did in the Marine Corps”

So I did something totally out of my comfort zone.

I started my own tiktok account about a month ago so on my way to an appointment this morning I recorded a very amateur video on my account.

Yes my skills suck!

But I told my husband I am determined to pay for this class for him since we have to pay for it ourselves.

We tried to use his education benefits but they don’t pay for this class.

Then when we reached out to organizations for help he needed to have more mental health issues service connected.

He won’t admit to anything and nor will he apply to VA saying he has more issues.

He just won’t do that.

So that is why I enrolled him myself.

Please help me push this so I can pay for his class! lol

I am asking for you to maybe purchase a lotion, shower gel/bubble bath, perfume, essential oil blend, cbd item, or other items on my website.

I am trying to sell as many Bath and Body products

U as I c

an in order to pay this tuition off!


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