Hurricane Florence

Originally posted 2018-09-16 18:07:01.

Thank you for supporting Team Rubicon’s response to Hurricane Florence.

As you may know already my family and I were also affected as we live in Onslow County North Carolina near Jacksonville / Camp Lejeune area. 

We know our neighborhood had some pretty devastating flooding as well as many others in eastern and central North Carolina. 

If you can help, please do. I will update when we can.!/donation/checkout?amount=25&recurring=0

Our veteran volunteers and first responders are on the ground and providing support to those impacted by Hurricane Florence. Learn more and donate today so we can continue to serve: #Florence
— Team Rubicon (@TeamRubicon) September 16, 2018!/donation/checkout?amount=25&recurring=0

Hurricane Florence made landfall on September 14 in Wilmington North Carolina and continues to move west toward Columbia, South Carolina.

The veterans and first responders of Team Rubicon have mounted a response. We have positioned resources along the coast and our volunteers are preparing to help communities in need.

Thank you for fueling our response

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