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Originally posted 2021-08-20 09:00:00.

I have been having lots of pain, more specifically nerve pain.

I have had to take more of my Neurontin because of it. Thing that I absolutely despise about this medication is the side effect of weight gain.

I have done trigger point injections to try and get some relief but the latest one didn’t bring much relief.

So, now we are going to try an epidural to help.

I can’t afford to gain weight. When you gain weight as a diabetic it can have negative effects on my numbers. I am in pre-diabetic range right now and don’t want to mess with those numbers.

I had the spinal decompression last year and hoped that would bide me some time and bring some relief before having to have the multi-level fusion.

I have seen people who have had their surgery postponed or altogether canceled due to lack of space and/or short staffed in hospitals.

Fingers crossed something brings some relief so I can back off taking so much Neurontin.

I keep trying to book massage therapy appointments but they stay booked and it’s extremely difficult to make regular appointments. I do get relief, if (and I stress if) I can get a massage on a regular basis.

What else do you find relieves nerve pain?

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