Fun times

I have been off my feet for the past few days as I did something (or just too much) on Thursday night and I am paying for it now.

My low back and my left hip along with the top part of my left thigh are killing me.

No matter what I have taken or put on it has it subsided.

I do not know what the hell I did.

Unless it is it one of those cysts on my ovaries that may have ruptured and I just don’t know it yet.

Or I could just be full of poop and it is pressing on everything in there LOL.

LOL I don’t know but I do know that this shit absolutely f’n hurts and it is kicking my ass!

I can’t seem to get comfortable.

I rub on my CBD muscle rub (which normally does the trick) but this time for whatever reason it is nothing more than lotion.

I did a Pure Romance party on Thursday night for a bunch of women and my close friend Elizabeth was my “assistant”.

I didn’t pick up anymore than 2 totes at time and didn’t think I over did it but I must have done something that I shouldn’t have.

We still had fun though!!

I even had custom grownup gummies made for it! 😉

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