The song Black and Blue has been stuck in my head the past few days.

I awoke this morning to it in my head, so I had to put my headphones on and play it.
Sometimes complete albums or just the individual songs get stuck in my head.

I crave it the cravings of a pregnant woman at two in the morning.

I will listen to the songs or albums repeatedly until I feel cravings subside.

I have never heard of this guy, Red Shahan.

I noticed this album was released in 2015.

So how in the world I haven’t heard of it before now is beyond me but I am glad I ran across.

I don’t always hear when we have new artists come out nor the newest hits.

I think my husband hears more than I do but I think it is because he listens to certain playlists while he is working.

He picks on me when I say I haven’t heard a certain song lol.

It is what is it is …..

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