Call me Scrooge

Originally posted 2018-12-11 11:03:52.

Listen I can’t do Christmas this year. Don’t want to get together with family, exchange gifts, receive gifts, etc. I just can’t. Please do not take this any other way as I am currently struggling just to get up everyday.

I have started realizing my momma isn’t coming back. I have been realizing I will never talk to her again and this is just something I am having a hard time accepting.

The house is a mess, there is so much clutter and some folks don’t understand that clutter can cause anxiety/stress. I just want to take a long walk but I can’t.

I chose to drink a couple weeks ago and well I don’t recall what I did for 2 full days.

I walked to the store and bought more alcohol. And before someone calls anyone on me dusty was with his sister and the dogs were fine.

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