Baby then BOOM!

We welcomed a new grandbaby to our family on Saturday July 9th at 3:51pm.

We had our first grandbaby with us because the hospital wouldn’t allow them to bring her in the hospital at all.

So we were able to get 2 hotel rooms not far from the hospital and across the hall from each other and had Cerenity with us the entire weekend.

We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

They had to give our daughter medication to induce her labor but then once that kicked in it wasn’t too much longer after that our new baby girl entered the world.

Her names is Harmonee. Just as beautiful as her sister and her momma.

We didn’t do too much of anything that weekend except we went to the mall once and majority of the time we spent in the pool inside the hotel.

Cerenity absolutely loves the water!

My bff and I were able to see the baby on Saturday evening and then the rest of the family saw her on Sunday once they were discharged from the hospital.

I did drive the 2 hour the hotel and the rest of the weekend I didn’t drive. I was praying the drive was ok on my neck since it was really the first long drive on my neck since the fusion.

I was very careful on the drive as I had Dusty and Cleo with me.

We didn’t know Cerenity wasn’t allow in the hospital until we walked into the birthing center.

It was just me with the kids until James and my bff got there later on that evening.

James had to work and my bff had an appointment so she rode up with James.

Everything went as well as to be expected.

It wasn’t until Monday when I started running a fever. then one by one everyone else started showing symptoms.

Just having had the neck fusion left my immune system lower than normal.

We ended up seeing our primary doc and she prescribed us some medication to help combat it.

As of this post we have a day and a half left of the medication. We had to take different medications because mine had an interaction with one of Dusty’s seizure medications. So a different medication was put in.

I had to end up waking up every three hours to give Dusty either motrin or tylenol. I would alternate the med so it was every six hours that he would get each med. This was due to his fever.

It was 104 plus and it did not want to budge. Then when it did go down I couldn’t get it below 100.

One night at 2:30 in the morning it was creeping back in the 103’s. I had to get it to break so I got popsicles out of the deep freezer and started force feeding him popsicles until I could get it to break.

About 5 popsicles later I got it to break, not by much but it broke enough to allow the medications to hopefully do the rest.

Dusty did have an increase in his seizures but nothing I couldn’t handle.

Had it not broken then I would have had to take him to the emergency room. Thankfully that allowed them to get the fever down, maybe not to normal but it was down.

We are mainly dealing with alot of congestion at this point.

I get easily winded too.

But to say I regret spending the time with Cerenity while my daughter gave birth to Harmonee? NOPE! Just wish we didn’t get covid.

Once we are better we plan on getting Cerenity and maybe taking her to the beach.

Fingers crossed that’s sooner rather than later!

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