Ain’t that a bitch

Yesterday I had to pick up a Wally World pickup order.

So… I proceed to head to Wally World.

I was going to attempt to make a dish I saw on Tiktok.

I stress the word attempt, lol.

It was hot in my car so I went to open the sunroof to let out the hot air.

Well… it wasn’t budging for some reason.

I get up and go get my husband to see if my dumb ass did something wrong.

Not sure I could have done anything wrong when you just hit a button and it is either supposed to open or close the sunroof depending on which way you press it.

He comes out and well the damn thing was stuck in the position it was in.

I went ahead and went to get my groceries and made sure not to mess with it.

When I got home he came out and was tinkering with it so that it would at the very least close.

It was supposed to rain so we didn’t need water coming in the car.

We don’t have a garage to pull the car into so this was something we definitely needed to resolve.

He tinkered with it for over an hour in the heat and I am pretty sure he burnt some skin leaning on the top of the car.

They finally got it to close but it ain’t moving.

Fingers were crossed that the rain didn’t come thru.

So when the dealership opens this morning I will be calling to try and get the car in there asap.

Don’t we have a hurricane or two twinkle toeing out in the Atlantic undecisive of it’s direction?

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