A few weeks

Originally posted 2022-05-03 16:45:53.

As of today my surgery date has been set.

It’s May 23rd.

I have to do all the normal preoperative tests and what not.

Then the Friday before the surgery, which is on a Monday, I have to stop by the surgeon’s office for them to mark me.

I am not exactly sure what that means unless it is marking the area that will be fused.

I am wondering if it is like previous surgeries where they take a marker and marker the leg, arm, side of face, etc that will be worked on.

They marked my eye being worked on prior to the tear duct surgery.

We will be doing the normal preop stuff like getting a handle for my shower, a shower seat, etc.

Am I nervous? A little. I mean this is my 30th surgery and I am pretty well versed in surgeries but I am older and every surgery is different.

Hopefully the recovery will be easy and not long.

My lumbar fusion recovery (if I remember correctly) was kind of drawn out but I did get hit by a car after surgery.

Don’t foresee that happening this go round.

Since my husband would be the one taking care of me I truly don’t think he’d do that to me at all lol.

I am trying my best to flush my system as much as I can not to mention drinking close to 200 ounces of water a day.

I will take my 1.5 liter Figi water bottle and refill it.

It’s like 50 something ounces.

Needless to say I have picked up my steps just by going back and forth to the bathroom so many times per day lol.

… now I’m just trying to get things done before this happens.

This is my current situation…


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