Originally posted 2022-02-02 10:00:00.

Isn’t funny how dating when you’re married can be 30 minutes of a quick bite on the way home from doctor’s appointments…

Yep that was our “date night” yesterday.
Quick but enjoyable. The food was lacking but the quick conversion was all that mattered.
We had to stop by Lowe’s home improvements to get a few things.

Then Cicis pizza was in the lot next door so we quickly decided to go knowing my niece was “babysitting my son”.

Even though my bff was several hundred feet away.

When I left the dog groomer was working on #3 of the dogs.

As well as I didn’t really want my son out like that with his immune system right now.
So my niece sat, chilled with my son and did her homework.

We had our pain management appointments to do our regular pain meds but to also address some other issues with my back.

I have a cervical procedure and a boob squeeze coming up next week.

My husband has his first colonoscopy this week. Isn’t it one of those things you know you’re starting to hit those “milestones” in aging that you look at like you got your first gray hair? Or is it just me? 😉

She referred me to another orthopedic doc as well as another appointment with a neurosurgeon.

The carpal tunnel surgery is on hold until we get another opinion on my neck.

The spinal stimulator is paused for the moment to find out if the neck is a more urgent matter or not.

These flip flopping of diagnosises is killing me.

It’s like one step forward 5 steps back. This should be a dance move.


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