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Summer Skin

Originally posted 2020-07-25 09:00:00.

With all this summer heat what are you using to combat chafing?

After my spinal fusion I developed what I call my kangaroo pouch.

It’s a roll of skin, muscle and well fat….

It has been cut through so many times and nothing I do reduces its size.

I had a doctor tell me it may be dangerous to cut it off because the amount of scar tissue inside of it.

In the summertime we sweat. Well when I sweat my skin gets irritated under my”pouch”.

So, to help prevent irritation I use chafe escape.

My husband uses this stuff on his legs (inner thighs) at work. He sandblasts and is in a body suit where he sweats excessively throughout his workday. This stuff keeps his legs from chafing.

I use it all the time under my boobs and between my legs!

Escape the chafe with this protective, cream-to-powder lotion. Chafe Escape quickly melts into your skin for a smooth, touchable finish. Apply as needed to transform problem areas like your thighs, arms, and nipples into smooth, dry skin that’s ready for anything.

Order online or I can ship one from my personal inventory

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