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Summer Skin

Originally posted 2020-07-25 09:00:00. With all this summer heat what are you using to combat chafing? After my spinal fusion I developed what I call my kangaroo pouch. It’s a roll of skin, muscle and well fat…. It has been cut through so many times and nothing I do reduces its size. I had a doctor tell me it may be dangerous to cut it off because the amount of scar tissue inside of it.…

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Originally posted 2020-07-08 09:00:00. Check out our favorite Pure Romance bath, beauty and intimacy products for Summer days and even hotter nights! CHAFE ESCAPE Summer is here and with it comes some of our favorite things; ice cream, relaxing days by the water, family time, sundresses, beach days, drinks on the patio, the list goes on and on! Summer also has some side-effects that aren’t so ideal… chafing. It’s time to take Summer back and…

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