6 week update

Originally posted 2020-02-28 09:00:00.

Had my 6 week back surgery appointment this week.

So far it looks like everything is healing like it should be.

My nerves that were previously compressed have seemed to start healing. I am unable to tell which nerves were affected versus weren’t affected.

Where I stated before that I had started to have numbness on the top of my foot where it previously was more on the bottom. The doctor told me to note everything and any changes.

He gave me a new referral to start physical therapy,again, and gave me the all clear to restart my massage therapy sessions. (YAY!!!)

The bad thing is my massage therapist stays booked all the time so my appointment isn’t until mid March ( insert sad face here).

I see the surgeon again in another 6 weeks unless something comes up and I need to see him sooner.

Now the next hurdle will likely be Saoirse’s surgery. Fingers Crossed.

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