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Help keep Dysfunctional Veterans operating by joining the elite DV Battalion Club. Membership never exceeds more than 500 people. As a member, you’ll get 10% off every order you place in the DV Store for the next year and we’ll send you a member package packed with 9 gifts! Your package will include:

DV Flag T-Shirt

(only available to members)

Bacon Eating, Gun Toting, Crazy Bastards Hoodie

(only available to members)

American Flag Hat

DV Coffee Mug

Official Collectible DV Coin

Pack of FUCKNUT Parking Cards

Leave Me Alone Bumper Sticker (only available to members)

Dysfunctional Veteran Leave Me Alone Iron-On Patch

Dysfunctional Veterans Leave Me Alone Wristband (only available to members)

DV Battalion Package

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