Zeus Zeus

Originally posted 2019-05-12 17:11:31.

OMG… this poor pup. I just had to share.

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There are no words for the agonizing pain Zeus has been forced to endure. There are no words to truly encapsulate his suffering • Brought to a hospital after his breeder claimed a chicken coop had fallen on him, causing the massive wound to his snout, the doctors were in shock. Uninterested in treating the excruciating damage at hand, his breeder declared that he simply wanted to euthanize him. And why not? The cost of such treatment and lengthy recovery time would surely turn off a breeder purely concerned about money and his capability to breed • However, the staff couldn’t do it. Zeus was so young, so sweet. He looked to them for help when his ‘family’ gave him none. They couldn’t let him die without trying to save him • That’s when they reached out to Big Dog Haven, who took one look at Zeus and fell in love. They immediately seized him and began treating the trauma to his snout, investing the time to ensure he received every surgery, medication, and support he needed to get better • Having had reconstructive surgery, they are now in desperate need of funds to help cover his existing and future expenses. Please consider donating to Zeus’s cause and help us turn his life around. Together, we can provide him with a long, happy life, filled with people who truly love him (Link in bio to donate)

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