Strangest thing happened

So while running errands and between doctor’s appointments I stopped to get gas in the loaner vehicle.

Nothing or no one around.

There was an older gentleman at the pump behind but he went in the store.

He left while I was still pumping gas.

I finished pumping gas and proceed to get back in car. I get in and look down under the radio/dash in the little storage area to put your phone and have it next to the plug.

This quarter appeared.

This was not there before!

Neither my husband or I had any change (loose coins).

I look around and see if anyone else is around and no one was there.

This freaked me out because I thought someone had been in my purse in the car while I was pumping gas.

Don’t see anything missing in my purse.

This has baffled me ever since.

I mean where did it come from?

Originally posted 2019-06-27 13:18:26.

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