Unmatched Puzzle

You ever done a puzzle that you swear the pieces just don’t fit?

You put them together and they aren’t fitting like you think they should.

They should be together, looking crisp and clean but they don’t.

They have spaces in between them and some of the edges are tight fitting more than they should.

My point?

My body seems to be the puzzle in question.

I have had so many surgeries to fit things needed fixin and some of these things have failed, again.

If you know what a rectocele then you should know what I am talking about.

For anyone not in the know… certain parts of my body breached another part of my body and seems like it is a peeping Tom into a room it shouldn’t have access to.

Plus it makes doing normal things your body does like pulling teeth.

So not only am I about to have another back surgery between Christmas and New Years, I will have to get someone to fix that too.

For now all hands are on deck and just have to work around things the best I can.

Oh I forgot to do a blog post about my latest colonoscopy a month and some change ago.

The doc found some polyps and said they didn’t look cancerous but honestly, until they get the pathological report back I am still going to have it in the back of my mind.

I mean that is how they found my momma’s colorectal cancer.

I hope that if they were to find anything they would tell me asap but it will still worry until I know for sure.

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