Suprised blessings

Originally posted 2018-12-20 11:47:42.

As you know Chewy had to have surgery and I started the GoFundMe for the surgery.

Well let me tell you what happened.

We go the day of surgery and get ready to pay at least $1200, I hand the lady my card and then she gives it back to me. She informed James and I that someone had donated $2,000 on his account.

I started balling my eyes out and James was in disbelief.

To this day, I am still in shock. This lady who I have not asked permission to state her name, lives in Texas and has dogs of her own. She was well aware of the costs of the surgery Chewy was about to go under.

She donated directly to the veterinary hospital instead of the GoFundMe. Which was even better because GoFundMe gets a portion of the donated funds.

I don’t know how to ever repay her but she came as a blessing at a time when I needed it. I know some people that will not spend money like this on a dog but Chewy has been right by my side since my father and then my momma passed.

Chewy nudges me ever so rudely (lol) to let me know he’s there. But I don’t know what I would do without him.

He is on the mend by the way. The staples are out of his leg but he still has to wear the cone.

Now if we can get these home repairs started… ( the contractors are swamped with repairs since we live in one of the biggest hit counties that sustained damage from hurricane florence ).


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