Starlette Earcuffs

I was graciously given these beautiful pieces and wanted to share with you.

I have several holes in my ears but just don’t have enough earrings to fill all of them anymore.

I have always had an allergy to jewelry that isn’t real.

So my worries were definitely there in wearing these given I am about to have another back surgery and don’t need to get an infection right before surgery.

What my actual allergy is I don’t know but I have always had to have gold jewelry where my ears were concerned.

Forgive me for this picture as for some reason my fingers had a hard time holding it while trying to take the picture lol.

I was afraid they would fall off but pleasantly surprised they held on to my ear.

This was taken several hours after placing them on my ear, No redness!!

Now I don’t think they are tight enough to wear in the shower nor while sleeping.

But I don’t think these are intended to wear while sleeping either.

FYI the care instructions tell you to just rinse them with cold water at the end of the day and not to sleep in them.

We all know there are things we do we aren’t supposed to do and sometimes things don’t mess up.

I won’t be wearing these anytime soon after today since I have the surgery coming up next week but am glad my ear didn’t react to them.

They have a warranty/exchange policy of 14 days. Not bad considering most earrings aren’t really returnable that I can remember (we all know how my memory is though lol). They also offer an extended warranty which is available for purchase on their website.

They are made by Starlette Galleria.

They had a ring I really liked, unfortunately it wasn’t available in my size.

Have a look at their website and tell me which pieces you like best.

The gold one listed on their website as Ear Cuff.

The one on the right is listed as Bezel Ear Cuff, both can come in Rhodium or 14k Gold plated.

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