Heat Exhaustion

Originally posted 2019-05-28 18:20:34.

So my husband comes home and goes straight for the bed.

He was complaining of stomach pains.

Mind you this man hardly ever gets sick. Sometimes I wonder if it’s because of all the shots they get in Marine Corps, lol.

Anywho, I take his blood pressure and it’s 187/120 and his pulse is 69.

No other complaints. I get him a Gatorade. I them start texting my daughter ( if you recall she’s a combat medic). She comes back and says it sounded like heat exhaustion.

I mean it’s HOT today here in eastern North Carolina.

He doesn’t have air conditioning in his pickup truck and knowing him only rolled down the driver’s side window.

He sandblasted today so was already sweating inside the suit they have to wear. I ask him how much he drank today… he says about a half gallon of water and nothing to eat…all day.


I then go next door to our neighbors house who is a flight paramedic/paramedic. I ask him to come check on him just to make sure.

He says same thing my daughter said, heat exhaustion.

They both said it will likely take a couple hours and hydrating before it eases.

But damn… talk about freaking me out.

I’m giving him a couple hours and if he isn’t any better he will be going to the doctor.



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